Thursday, July 28, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

With all of the Pokémon Go news on the internet, the craze is swallowing up the rest of the content. But don't worry! There are still plenty of good, bad, and ugly gaming stories we can talk about this week.

- If you're still invested in the Feminist Frequency series, a new video was released yesterday focusing on a very important question: are women too hard to animate? Yes. That's a dig at Assassin's Creed: Unity and their lack-luster response as to why they didn't have any playable female characters in the game. The short answer is no, women are not difficult to animate. The 7 minute video dives into the details a little further.

- Remember that study that we posted in the last Round Up about the decline of sexualization of female characters in games? More details about the study are coming out now that the interest is there. Such as how background female characters are still heavily sexualized. And that there appears to be little to no difference in the way women are portrayed between T and M rated games. The study also didn't focus on any game advertising, which tends to exaggerate female characters, the authors noted. More info to confirm what we already know.

- Random List Time! Twinfinite has marked out 10 Things Everyone Does in Video Games. And actually I don't partake in #10, which is constantly swap out your weapons in first person shooters. I hate it. The noise of the switching constantly annoys me. While I may be a junk hoarder and climb up mountains, that doesn't mean everyone else is the same. I also don't intentionally try to fire on my companions and friends to see if there's a friendly fire option. The list is very flawed - what about jumping to zone? Everyone jumps when you zone. That's a game law. Why isn't that on the list?

- Reposting because this is amusing: a news story about a professor who was interviewed for a magazine about gamification in schools. What? That's a thing? I didn't know one could write a story about someone who's being interviewed!

- WhatCulture is making a return with a list that has merit. Hazzah! 9 Perfect Video Game Sequels that were not developed. Some of them ended up being cancelled outright, such as Silent Hills, while others were retooled to become different stories, like Call of Duty: Roman Wars turned into Advanced Warfare. The original pitch for Roman Wars was canned for being unlike the deluge of CoD games on the market. Which was the point...this list is actually pretty good. Keep it up WhatCulture!

- The Bit Bag has a terrible article on how one can make money by playing video games. Linking so people can read and have a laugh. "You like playing games? Well being a game tester is a real job! How about that?" People, this is 2016. We know that playing games generates business. Poor attempt at the click bait.

- A German Broadcaster has pulled the broadcasting rights of ELEAGUE, a Counter-Strike tournament series, in the wake of the violent acts that occurred recently in Munich. Several news outlets have reported that the gunman in the attacks was a fan of violent games like Counter-Strike. This isn't the first time that Germany has censored games in some form or another, so it's not surprising. But it is a concern for a number of gamers, promoters, and advertisers who see the big business of gaming.

- And finally, PlayStationLifeStyle would like to talk about the death of importing video games. In that we rarely have to do it anymore! Success! It's a good time to be a gamer as our access to overseas content continues to increase with the advent of digital technology, faster communication, and better cross-platform processes that make it much easier to transition products to international audiences. No longer do we have to bust our wallets and drop $129.99 on Japanese only games to bring them to our homes. Now we can save and still play with English dubs. Rejoice!


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