Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Konami Announces 'Metal Gear Survival' - MGS Without Kojima

Konami is going for broke, announcing a new Metal Gear Solid title at Gamescon 2016. Metal Gear Survive will be a four player, stealth co-op game sent in the MGS universe set directly after the events of the last game. Survive will focus on the military groups from the 5th game, as they are sucked into a worm hole that throws them into an alternate universe where they are forced to battle zombies.

Before you start defending this odd story-choice, keep in mind that Kojima is no longer with Konami. I don't know if he's even a consultant on future MGS titles. The blood between the two figures has been so volatile that I wouldn't be surprised if Kojima accepted his losses with MGS and left to have a clean slate. It's also unclear if any of the past MGS team members are working on Survive.

This sounds like a cluster f*ck waiting to happen.

Like someone said "hey, that Call of Duty game with the zombie mode sold well. Let's do that with Metal Gear but talk about time warps." And everyone was on board with it!

The trailer is not helping quell concerns. The imagery used looks and feels more like a first person shooter, and we don't see any of the co-op, stealth elements that the press release refers to. There are also glimpses of Big Boss, but it's unknown if other characters from the franchise will make an appearance. It also appears that scavenging might be an aspect of the game play. New weapons and tactics will be introduced, including a bow and arrow. Because stealth? Survive will use the FOX engine designed for MGS5.

Konami will have more details will be released after the convention, and the game has a pending 2017 release date.

Guys. I'm scared. If this is what MGS looks like with Kojima, I don't want it. Maybe this will be the swan song for Metal Gear and Konami can focus on mobile games.


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