Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Mobile Olympics

In case you have been avoid all forms of news, media, or entertainment, here's a quick update: the Summer Olympics are on. For the next 2 weeks expect your feeds to be billed to the brim with content from the games.

While it's standard procedure as usual in other countries, here in the US NBC has finally caught up to modern times by offering live streaming of some events as they happen. Many countries have been offering this since the 2008 Summer games in Beijing. While most content is still time delayed for their evening broadcasts, you can watch a number of matches online. If you have a cable subscription that is. Yep. Once again NBC is dangling something amazing in front of our eyes only to have it slapped back down to reality that watching the Olympics unedited is for the privileged few who can afford it.

I love the Olympics and what they represent. I despise the way NBC covers it. Our visuals are so focused on US athletes as if they are the only people in the world. But if you watch Germany, Spain, Italy, China, South Korea, Australia, even South Africa's coverage it is entirely different. They showcase the games as they are, without restrictions. Sure they may put more emphasis on their country's athletes, but it's not all about them. It's about the games and letting everyone enjoy them as they happen. NBC on the other hand likes to pre-package their content for nightly events that they claim get them more viewers. This year in particular I've yet to meet someone who has liked their coverage instead opting for Facebook Live, Instagram, and YouTube feeds of events in real time.

The Olympics have gone mobile and people are enjoying it. Compared to the Winter Games 2 years ago, technology has advanced rapidly. The ability to stream from a phone wasn't at the capabilities that we have today. It's allowing viewers to see every event from a new perspective, including the gnarly crashes. If NBC expects to keep up with their viewers, they need to change up their format and accept the fact that more people are mobile, online, and don't have cable subscriptions.

TLDR: Get with the times, NBC.

And just so you don't think I've forgotten, here's the tie-in: a list of the 7 most ridiculous Olympic video games. Yes, Mario & Sonic at the Olympics does make an appearance, so you can rest easy.


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