Friday, August 12, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

If you have ever heard that saying that no news is good news, then you are aware that it doesn't apply here. Welcome to the Weekly Link Round Up, with highlights of the best, and worst, gaming news on the internet this week. Here's what we've got:

- Riot Games is pulling a Blizzard by going after game cheats claiming copyright violations. The developer behind League of Legends is looking to stop hackers and those utilizing the "LeagueSharp" cheat to keep the game fair. Which is all well and good, but Rio is issuing court orders on the grounds that players are infringing on copyright by distorting the game to give an unfair advantage to a select few. It's a big question on how flexible the copyright laws are, because most were created before the digital age. Does Riot have a fair claim?

- Microsoft is acquiring live streaming service Beam, a Seattle-based company that lets users influence and interact with a video game being streamed by another player. Beam is only 8 months old, having launched in January of this year to compete against YouTube and Twitch. Beam allows viewers to affect the game users are playing, including changing weapon load-outs, and altering mission objectives. It also has a much lower lag time between user chats and the gamer. Twitch is currently at a 10-15 second delay. Beam has reduced it to half. The goal is to integrate Beam into XBox One systems, but for now the company will operate independently with their browser-based version.

- General science and knowledge site Medical Xpress wants to talk about kids and games. If games do affect kids education, they want to know how. So they spend 13 paragraphs trying to figure that out, and it's sad. You all couldn't read the studies that have been released on the how and why? Even a casual gamer can link increased cognitive motor skills to game play. It's not rocket science, folks.

- In case you want to be reminded at how badly games stereotyped everyone and everything in the 1980's, the Huffington Post has you covered. Enjoy feeling old and less then stellar after reading!

- Still pumped up on sports with the Olympics going on? Stuff has a gaming quiz focused on sports just in time for the games. There is a good mix of retro and modern for all sports fans.

- A new documentary titled The Lost Arcade captures the final days of Chinatown Fair, world-renown business located in New York's infamous Chinatown. Vogue spoke with Irene Chin, a first time producer and film-maker, about the project. And the interview is really inspiring. It's in-depth and focused but doesn't feel like a swan-song to the arcade. Wish I could see this, but sadly it's only playing in a theater in NYC and San Fransisco. But I will be keeping an eye on their website for any online releases.

- Nordic Games is bringing back THQ, re-branding themselves as THQ Nordic. When THQ was in bankruptcy court, Nordic was able to scoop up the name and some of their properties. Since then the projects have remained dormant, but the new name is sparking some hope back into gamers. Will we see another Darksiders or Destory All Humans? The latter is a fun game, in spite of the name.

- And finally, here's another bad article about how to become a pro gamer, thanks to TLDR version: Pick a game. Practice. ??? Profit.


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