Friday, August 19, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

For some reason Blogger didn't post yesterday's blog session in a timely manner. While I try to figure out what's up, it seems like a good time for a Weekly Round Up to make an appearance! Here's what's on the menu today:

- MedicalXpress, because you know you can trust them when one emphasizes the X in express to make it extreme, wants you know that with over 98% of Australian households having some form of a video game, it can affect morality in children. A paper released by Macquarie University looks at the reality of video games, and challenges the notions that they are full of amoral choices. Games like Mass Effect and Grand Theft Auto give players a chance to make decisions that can be positive. More study is needed in this area, the paper notes, but it's not all doom and gloom for gamers in Australia.

- Speaking of Australia, some Americans living in the country were asked what they like and dislike about it. Top likes: the awesome healthcare at little to not costs. The dislikes: Games are expensive.

- Kill Screen has a thoughtful opinion piece about the invisible women of video games. How playing as a female character, allows female gamers to subvert the environment to their advantage. Quick, and in-depth read!

- The upcoming XBox One S will be able to support 4k gaming. However! Games won't play in 4k. Confusing, right? The system will come with HDR support and you need a TV that is HDR ready in order to see the 4k content, even if your screen can already receive 4k broadcasts. That's the jist of it, but still crummy for XBox gamers who want that sweet 4k action.

-  Job Stauffer, head of creative communications at Telltale Games, is urging the industry to redefine gaming genres. His points center around the growth of the medium allowing for more diverse, in-depth story telling that a game can't be just one genre. It can be multiple things all at once, and limiting the genre tags is a disservice to the games. You'll get no arguments from me on that one. It's a point I bring up consistantly in my gaming and anime panels.

- Not enough Overwatch talk on The Geek Spot? Well GameSpot sat down with assistant game director Aaron Keller at Gamescon to talk about the future of the game.

- Finally, if you need some evening entertainment, the annual Pokémon World Championships kicks off today, and will have a live Twitch feed tonight. Gamers from over 30 countries will be in the card tournament with over $500 grand in cash and scholarship prizes. Oh to be a kid again...


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