Friday, August 26, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

Another week. Another series of gaming stories heading your way on the Weekly Link Round Up! Here's what we've got today:

- Being a game designer in the 80's and 90's was tough. Sega artists are happy to explain to Video Game Densetsu, reposted on Quartz in detail, how in the early days, artists had to draw every pixel. No. Literally. They had to draw out each pixel using an oversized light pen. The photos of the early digital imaging software are astounding. It required less mouse clicks and more pen.

- The Ringer asks the question we all would like to know, in some subset of our mind: How long are video games? The problem with virtually all games today is that very few have a set time, or a distinctive end. No Man's Sky allows you to play as long as you like. There is no story to follow. And those games with stories are sometimes so full of side-quests that it could take you months to stop playing; see Fallout 4. Knowing the limits to a game could help further development of new, dynamic content down the line. Because every game has a ticking clock on it.

- Speaking of No Man's Sky, the game's user base has seen a dramatic drop since it's release. Some estimates are up to 90%, with an 81% decline in sales in the UK. Reasons for this vary from the poor PC launch and the number of bugs associated with it, lack of features promised at launch, or that most people bought the game at release. Now having to get back to reality after playing it for so long. A Reddit post has spawned a website full of the missing contents in No Man's Sky. The game may not have a future at this rate.

- Tabletop gamers are already immersed in this, but for you console gamers you may have seen more of your favorite digital titles get the board game treatment. The rise of tabletop is once again upon us, and MCV looks into the growing trend.

- Aside: Did you know there was a new ToeJam and Earl game being developed by Adult Swim? That one was a surprise to me! There's a trailer up, and the title is set to release early next year on PC and console.


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