Tuesday, August 09, 2016

YouTube Flagging No Man's Sky Videos

No Man's Sky, the game de jour that so many have been waiting for, has finally released on the PS4 and already Sony and YouTube are smacking users with ContentID claims.

Last week, both companies were scrambling to take down YouTube videos of game footage that were not released by Sony. This includes early release gameplay from reviewers, or people who managed to get leaked copies early. Some of that concern has carried over to the release of the game, and a number of YouTubers are seeing claims on their videos - even those that have no gameplay footage at all. The mere mention of the game's name is causing YouTube to flag accounts.

They have a pretty gnarly algorithm, and Sony is a butt when it comes to ID claims. I've dealt with them before when we uploaded footage from a karaoke contest that happened to use the soundtrack from an anime they own the rights to. There are no advertisements on the YouTube account and we make no money from the venture, but we got hit with the claim. And disputing it would have put us on the losing side (we're a freebe podcast with no money) and a mark against our account. Some users have reported that even after one violation from Sony has resulted in account deletion. Sony does not joke around with copyright, even when you make no revenue from your postings.

Hello Games is working with YouTube and Sony to have the account flags removed for game reviews and discussion channels. Streamers may be in limbo until a decisive yes/no is given from Sony on if No Man's Sky is okay to play. Some channels are up, and others are down. It's a messy situation in a line of issues behind the game and it's release to the public. Hopefully it's resolved soon and Sony loosens up on the restrictions so people can help promote such a highly anticipated game. For free, might I add. Sony. Free. Advertising. Do it.


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