Thursday, September 29, 2016

No. You Don't Suck at Playing Video Games.

Gaming "news" site eSports Edition would like to remind you that unless you're a pro, you suck at video games. In fact, they give you 5 reasons as to why you suck at being a proper gamer. Other then the click-baity article that this is, it once again is a frank reminder that no two people play a game the same way. It's easy to understand the mechanics with classic games like Super Mario Bros. and Sonic the Hedgehog that the point is to move the character to the right, collect coins, and complete the stage by running through a ring, or performing a pole vault. You can't go back left - there is only one motion: forward. But even in a game that is fairly direct, the player still has options on how to achieve that end goal. You don't 'have' to collect a single coin in Mario if you choose not to. Nor are you required to destroy all of the enemies in Sonic. You can bypass portions of the stages by finding short cuts, warp pipes, and glitching through walls if you want.

Is there a difference between pro gamers who play for a living and the average Joe-schmo? Of course. Pro gamers are training daily, exercising (yes they do exercise at a gym to help improve their stamina and endurance), reviewing strategies, planning with their team, and working their social media accounts to stay relevant in the eyes of their fans. Average gamer? We just want to beat the final boss in Legend of Zelda and we're happy with that. Pro gamers have a different mindset when they analyze a game, because they were trained to think that way. It's more then graphics on a screen. Does that make them a better gamer? Not really. They think and react differently from others when they play certain games. That's all.

The bottom line is no, you don't suck at playing video games. You don't have to be a professional to play well, and you don't have to play "good" to review a game. Play a game your way. If you want to try and run through Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto without killing a single person (until an objective absolutely requires you to do so, then go for it. The only person stopping you is yourself. Achieve your goals and fudge what other people think!


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