Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Oculus Gaming Support Dropping For Political Scandal

Because it is political season and games are never far behind in the pool of controversy, a number of developers are pulling their support for Oculus. Last week a story surfaced that the company's founder, Palmer Luckey, helped support a digital Trump group that spends time making anti-Clinton hate memes. One of their messages ended up on a billboard in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Unlike traditional ad campaigns that are endorsed by the candidates, these are internet offshoots that can be vile, sometimes downright evil, all for the sake that it'll convince one person to not vote for the opponent.

While some may argue that game developers are not happy that someone is pro-Trump in their club, it mostly had to do with the hate speech. Nimble America doesn't have the best track record and has had to defend their content for a while. So to have an Oculus executive donate to their cause sends bad juju vibes to the rest of the industry. Luckey says the amount was only $10 grand and he plans to vote for Gary Johnson, but the damage is done when you promote hate.

Polytron (Fez), Scruta Games, and Today Tomorrow Labs are some of the developers that have pulled support. They want Luckey to step down as he does not represent the best interests of Oculus. Insomniac Games will still release content for Oculus, but they commented to IGN that this form of support to Nimble America does not reflect their views, and they are sure most of the views of the Oculus company. They are not damning the whole business for their owner's actions.

Whatever your point of view is, hate speech is hate speech. That's a low blow.


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