Monday, September 12, 2016

Once Again 'The Last Guardian' is Delayed

Okay. I know I should be a professional and understanding individual when developers need to delay a game's release in order to overcome technical issues. In the end, it does make for a better product when they have the time to work out the bugs.

The exception is when it has anything to do with Gen Design and Team Ico. At this point, The Last Guardian has become the longest running joke; more then Final Fantasy XV which has had a 10 year development period. The difference being that Gen Design seemed more apt to flaunt The Last Guardian at every step of the way, promising that it would be available "soon." With FF15, SquareEnix did not give us a hint of a date until a year ago for late 2016/early 2017.

Announced on Sony's blog this morning, Guardian is being delayed again to December 6th. There's still a chance that it will be this year!

Unfortunately at this point, it seems like the game is becoming a running joke among gamers that many of us have phased out the desire to want to play the game. With the exception of this E3, past years Gen Design provided the same trailer. There was no new game play. Nothing to get excited about. I think they were just notes to the public to say "Yes, we are still working on this game." In all honesty, if there wasn't a street date attached to their E3 video this year, I would have rolled my eyes at the presentation.

At this point, Gen Design's best hope is that TLG becomes a sleeper hit. I have a feeling a number of people have forgotten they have pre-ordered the game or have opted to wait until it's actually out as proof that it does exist. It's not going to pull No Man's Sky release numbers. Not at this rate. Cynical? Probably. Gen Design and Team Ico have made two very dynamic games that showcase the potential for this medium. To have taken so long to develop TLG is a shame. As gamers, we worry about the future of the developers and if it's worth our time/money investment if we're going to be strung along for 10 years. At least SquareEnix pushed out other games to keep us sated.


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