Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Unusual and Fun Events for the Upcoming TwitchCon

Can we talk about some of the funny events happening at TwitchCon this year? Taking place in San Diego, From September 30 through October 2, it's the second year for the convention. A time to showcase all the wonderful things that make Twitch, twitchy. They have recently issued a press release on some of their expo hall offerings, and it's worth taking a moment to bask in their greatness.

There will be the usual fray of competitors in the TwitchArena, a mainstay with larger gaming expos these days, and an eSports lounge for viewing events. Those should be expected. But no! What I want to talk about is the Bob Ross Paint-Along!

After the success of the Joy of Painting with Bob Ross on Twitch, it has turned into a staple on the site. Every week you can watch an episode of Mr. Ross painting. It invokes a lot of happy feelings. And clouds. So many clouds. Now you too can paint with Bob Ross at TwitchCon! The Bob Ross Company, as Mr. Ross is no longer with us, will host a live Paint-Along at the convention. For $99 you will receive a painting kit, canvas, and can sit in on the event to paint with an expert in the Bob Ross method of artworking. There's enough paint provided that will last you several canvas pieces. For those who can't attend TwitchCon, you can watch it all through Twitch as it happens.

New this year is Amazon's Unboxing event. The heck is that suppose to mean? Amazon now owns a few small game companies and they have been developing new mobile content and they want to show it off. You can see their first big title release, Breakaway, at TwitchCon.

Also on the schedule is Inclusivity City. Partnering with AnyKey, it's an area that gives attendees a chance to connect with Twitch organizations that are helping to improve the quality of Twitch and make it a welcoming place. Groups such as 'I Need Diverse Games' and 'Hack Harassment' will be on hand to talk about their efforts. They will also host a Smash Bros. Tournament presented by the Smash Sisters.

But seriously. We're in it for the painting.


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