Friday, September 09, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

This is going to be an awkward Weekly Link Round Up, but it's been an odd week on The Geek Spot with my absentee posting. There are a lot of fun things on the internet and it's time to wrap them up into a nice, little bundle for your consumption. Enjoy!

- While searching new content in the World of Warcraft: Legion expansion, some gamers have unleashed a world ending boss on their server. Whoops. Legion promised it's users a chance to unearth secrets of WoW lore as well as rare items. Some have postulated that once-in-a-lifetime mounts would be back in circulation. So a team went trudging around the world, solved a puzzle, and spawned Kosumoth. When that happened, everyone on the map was notified and given a quest update to kill him. In the 2 days this has happened, there are already dozens of videos available on how to spawn and kill the boss. Kosumoth is a god and he likes to kill things. But way to go WoW fans. Your persistence is still inspiring.

- An opinion piece on PlayStation Lifestyle would like to remind everyone that the myth of a "good reviewer" is just that: a myth. I have made a few posts about this topic over the years that what defines a game reviewer is not how well they play a game. It's about how they dissect the content and transform it into words. There is no right or wrong review, unless the writer didn't play the game or is providing inaccurate information. Everyone's opinion is valid, and you have the right to disagree with it. Let's just back off on the name calling and let these people write, okay?

- If you are on the Pokemon Sun and Moon hype train, it's been confirmed this week that the two games are going to be different from each other. While both will take place in the same world, there will be a 12 hour time difference between the two. Sun in the morning, Moon in the evening. Because of this, unique Pokemon will spawn that won't be in the other game. This is the first time we'll see two Pokemon games so vastly different from one another, and it may spur additional pre-orders.

- The PlayStation VR is launching officially on October 13, and will include an 8 game demo for your enjoyment. Remember, not everything on the PS4 will translate to VR so don't jump into GTA5 and think you'll get an immersive experience. Give it a few years.

- Video game marketing tie-ins are not unusual and happen quite often. The A.V. Club wants to stuff our gullets with the breakfast cereals of the 80's and the horrible gaming munchies that ensued. I remember Pac-Man Cereal. It was awful. If I want marshmallows with my grains, it'll be Lucky Charms.

- If you're looking for a new game to back on Kickstarter, check out Dawn of the Dev. Parodying some of gaming's famous developers, it's a 2D puzzle platformer where you have to save the world from the "negative" aspects of games. While I don't think their November deadline is remotely feasible, the idea behind it is amusing.

That's all for this week. See you next time!


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