Friday, October 14, 2016

Extra Life Streaming Tomorrow!! (Oct 15)

Guess what today is? More Extra Life pimping.

My team, Dynamic Action Squad Team (DAS Team!) will be starting our streaming session tomorrow, October 15! We'll have a game day on November 5th, which is Extra Life day, but we want to spread out the streaming love and showcase our zany antics over the next few weekends. Our team goal was $500, and we're hoping to hit $1,000 again this year, like last time. My goal is $200, and I'm almost at the halfway point and could use your help!

Here's the deal with charities, in general. Yes there are larger groups that will be able to donate, but the bulk of the money doesn't come from them but from the smaller teams and single players that can drum up $1,000. Those little donations add up fast and help contribute to the 8 million raised in 2015. That's amazing. Our team was geared towards Seattle's Children where no large streamer names were attached to, and we raised over $300k for them. That's the power of the smaller groups.

So if you're thinking about donating, consider the little guys. Or if you've got a dollar to spare, donate to DAS Team! Every single dollar helps, and we don't keep a penny of it. It all goes direct to the Children's Miracle Network.

Catch out my stream tomorrow on Twitch with a box opening and subsequent game session of Dragon Quest: Builders. Played the demo at PAX West before it was released on PSN and I knew I wanted it. This is my first non-MMO pre-order in years. Hopefully it won't disappoint! I'll be updating the Extra Life page today for group goals and donation incentives. Want me to go on a Slime killing rampage in Dragon Quest? Find out tomorrow!


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