Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Freddy's Real Life Haunted House!

If you're looking for Halloween thrills this gaming season outside of your home, and you happen to be in, or are visiting Las Vegas, Nevada, look no further then the Fright Dome at the hotel Circus Circus. This year's newest attraction is Five Nights at Freddy's. Running now through October 31st, the set-up is in the style of the first game. The owner of Fright Dome, Jason Egan, teamed up with game creator Scott Cawthon to design this new feature.

For it's 14th year on the Vegas strip, Fright Dome is looking to attract a younger audience. Nothing says "Happy Halloween" like being stalked by animatronic bears. You can view a portion of the attraction yourself, but it looks very much like Freddy's as you see it in the game. Sadly, this isn't a full recreation of the game. You don't get to relive the Five Nights experience by acting as the security guard and stopping baddies from jumping you in the booth. Instead, you are exploring the pizza parlor with a security guard on a guided tour. It's a room-by-room situation like every haunted house. But hey, if you're want something different in your scares this year, why not give it a chance?


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