Monday, October 03, 2016

How Big is Too Big?

Video games are becoming grander, more technically challenging, and expensive. Not necessarily bolder for the Triple A crowd. Like Hollywood, the big developers only want to bet on products that will net them a profit. Which means sequels and reboots. Tried and true games that sold well in the past that can guarantee sales for future titles from the same franchise.

But can a game be too big that it prevents a project from succeeding? Spend your evening with Motherboard, as their editor Emanuel Maiburg went to the studios developing Gears of War 4 looked into the struggles the 300+ team and managers have with ensuring a successful game.

Gears 4 is being helmed by The Coalition. The original director Cliff Bleszinski is out of the picture. No more an Epic Games title. And they were okay with handing the reigns off to someone else. As mentioned in the multi-article feature, the game was just too big. They knew it needed more hands and more money. It may seem fun to create such a big title, but the people involve work just as hard as any independent developer.

This is a fantastic series of articles and I highly recommend them for your daily read. It gives a human element to the Triple A devs that we rarely see.


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