Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Top YouTuber Going to UK Court for Gambling

If there is one thing to take away from this blog post today it should be this. Just because you want to gamble on video games doesn't always make it okay.

Two men are currently on trial in the UK for allegedly promoting an unlawful lottery and gambling ring and operating a website that allowed people to place bets on FIFA 17 games with real currency. Craig Douglas, known as Nepenthez on YouTube with over a million subscribers, and Dylan Rigby are accused of these actions under the country's Gambling Act. It's a messy situation since other websites allow for gambling on video games with in-game currency and items and those are okay (though this may change as in-game items transfer into real money). Douglas and Rigby were doing a lottery and gambling, and have been accused of allowing children under the age of 18 to participate. FIFA gambling is different in-of itself, as the BBC reports. People can use third party websites to take their FIFA coins, the in-game currency, transfer it to the websites to bet, and receive any wins back to their account. The coins can then be sold to other websites for a monetary value. It's like World of Warcraft gold farming, but with a sports game. Except! gambling is involved.

Both men have pleaded not guilty and the trial is set to take place in early February. This is the first time a video game gambling case is being taken up by the UK and the results could set a precedence across Europe. It's estimated that the gaming gambling market is worth over 4 billion pounds. Until then, the in-game content for FIFA will continue on. EA isn't at fault on this one, for once. People are exploiting the system for additional gains.


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