Friday, October 07, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up Part 2!

Congratulations readers! You get a double dose of gaming news today! Let's see what's on the market:

- Gears of War has been announced as the next movie in the line of games turned film franchises that Hollywood hopes to make big. I thin I unintentionally predicted it. Big budget action film with aliens. There you go. Done.

- For all you 30-somethings who are not quite on board with the Power Rangers movie reboot, fear not. Bandai is releasing a new game for the PS4 and XBox One early next year. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Mega Battle will focus on the original team of rangers and the first 2 seasons of the series, in this side-scrolling action-adventure title. It's similar in style to the original Sega game, but different plot line. My body is ready!

- There's a lot of things we can learn from the history of No Man's Sky. It's also a lesson about not giving in to the "hype" as The Boston Globe points out. I'd also like to add that it's further proof that pre-orders are madness to the industry. Just saying. The whole situation with No Man's Sky is a mess. That's the bottom line. But maybe this will be a turning point for a few gamers to realize that they don't need to pre-order every game based on hype. Let reviewers have a chance to do their job and make your decisions from there.

- If you live near Ball State University, an adult, and would like to game, there's a new club on the campus called Rated M. Their goal is to expand the world of gaming to all and discuss them in an academic setting. Recently started with an all-Zombie mashup to honor October, it sounds like the type of gaming meet-ups I would like to see more often. It's not just playing the games, but talking about them in a manner that befits them.

- The Death of the Gamer. If you're looking for some academic content online, this is probably your best bet today. The Forbes piece focuses on Ian Bogost's book 'How to do Things with Videogames.' As I've mentioned in this blog before, Bogost is tough to read through. Get the thesaurus handy. But the article does pose a good question that we should address: to become gamers of the new era do we need to end the term 'gamer'?

- Finally, the best news all week: Ubisoft has finally confirmed that Beyond Good and Evil 2 is in production! The quirky 2003 game has been a die-hard fan favorite for years, and the re-release in 2011 brought in a wide audience clamoring for more. Michel Ancel, one of the designers behind Rayman, will be leading the project. Details are very limited other then a release art-piece, but at this point that's okay! It's a confirmed game! Yea!


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