Thursday, October 06, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

It's October! Woo! Though it's still 90 degrees outside in Texas, the smell of Fall is in the air. And of course Halloween. My favorite time of the year! Let's celebrate early with a Weekly Link Round Up.

- Epic Stream has created a list of 8 video game urban legends that will probably (not) scare you, but they are interesting to read. I didn't know about Herobrine, the Minecraft ghost that is said to be the embodiment of Notch's brother. Turned out to be untrue, but a nifty note none-the-less.

- No Man's Sky biggest subreddit was unexpectedly shut down yesterday, and 150,000 users complained vehemently to have the board up and running again by the evening. The reason for the closure? The moderator was getting tired of the vitriol and the lack of thoughtful discussion about the game. Surprising to see so many people are still into the Reddit threads when so few are playing the game these days.

- New-comer company Playfusion is attempting to make a mark on the play-figure community (think Skylanders and the now-defunct Disney: Infinity) with a Kickstarter for the game Lightseekers. The game boasts a connective element between video games, table-top, card-games, mobile, AR, comics, and figurines. And the game will be completely free! Just the game though. The rest of that stuff will require money. It's a hearty step-forward for the type of gameplay, but wow. That's a lot to absorb. This could either win or flop, depending on how the company rolls out the content.

- Speaking of rolling out, Pokémon Go is still a thing. While the user base is down from it's initial release, Niantic is moving forward with updates, with trading and battling other players on the way (so it's actually more like a Pokémon game and not a shell of one). The company still makes $2 million a day on Go. Niantic recently announced that it will be easier to catch rare monsters based on the medals you've been awarded. So if you have caught a lot of fire-type monsters in the past, you have a better chance of obtaining a Charmander when it appears. While they didn't mention if more Pokémon will appear in the game, it does add some meat to the arbitrary, delayed, catching system.

- WhatCulture is back with 8 TV show suggestions that should be made into video games. I'm not posting thins because the list is good. It's pretty bad. They list 'Archer,' 'Black Sails,' and 'The Wire' as options. All good shows. And all would make for terrible video games. Who the hell would play 'The Wire' as a video game? The concept of that show does not work at all with gaming immersion. Go home WhatCulture. You're drunk again.

- The website Unseen64 has compiled a list of over 200 video games that you will never play in a book, available now. The book covers games that never made it past the concept phase, to those that were cancelled near completion, and gives you a look inside the crazy world of development. I remember seeing art for Animal Wars. It was meant to be World War: I with animals, created by the team behind Rogue Squadron. I may have to get this book and lament on all of the games we will never see.


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