Friday, October 28, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

It's Friday! Thank goodness. I don't think I could have continued with this insane week much longer. It also means that we haven't had our Weekly Link Round Up yet. So let's jump in and see the best, and wtf, news covering games.

- According to a team from the University of Nottingham, games teach kids how to smoke and drink. Just like Joe Camel tried to light it up in the 80's, games are the new way for warping children's minds into doing things that are bad for their bodies. I've covered this story almost a year ago with a similar study that focused on a smaller group of kids. This University study is similar, but with a larger pool of subjects - over 1,000. The idea that games lead to this behavior still requires a lot of testing. The amount of time a child plays a game, the lead characters and their habits, and the type of games make a difference. It's also important to point out that on the ESRB and PEGI ratings labels if a game contains alcohol and drug use. It's still the parents fault if they don't pay attention to what their children are playing.

- It's almost Halloween, which means lots of horror games! WhatCulture is attempting to lure you to play their top 10 list of favorite spooky games, but don't fall for it. Left 4 Dead 2 is not scary. Fun, but not scary.

- That video game voice actor strike is still going on. And the AFL-CIO president has called for the gaming industry reps that are the focus of the strike to go back to the table and resume talks. They're standing behind SAG on this one, especially given the 2 years both sides have tried to come to a resolution and failed. Continuing to watch and see how this develops.

- The AP has a funny headline on this one: "Court to detain Russian who played 'Pokemon Go' in church." The reason for the detainment is not because he was playing Pokémon Go. Ruslan Sokolovsky violated terms of his house arrest and it just happened to include going out and sitting in a church, playing Pokémon. He was originally cited with civil unrest and inciting religious hatred. Story content makes a big difference. No you can not be arrested for playing Go in Russia.

-  If you're one of the few people that enjoys the Olympic video games, the trend will continue through 2020 as Sega has nabbed the contract to produce the next installment. I know a lot of people pan these games, but they clearly sell if they're still on the market. /shrugs

- Finally, someone is using GTA5 to produce YouTube videos, turning the game into a children's show. With the crazy adventures from super heroes and dinosaurs, all thanks to the help of mods, GTA has been re-branded for one YouTuber. That's one way to get kids into games.


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