Monday, November 14, 2016

42 Years Later and We Still Love DnD

Nerds and geeks of the world, our games are making it into museums in droves. Announced on Thursday, tabletop king Dungeons and Dragons is now in the National Toy Hall of Fame. With an estimated 20 million players around the globe, DnD is well loved. Even Vin Diesel breaks all stereotypes and is an avid player. But DnD is more then just another table game. A number of early video games in the 80's and 90's owe their livelihood to the influence of DnD in their lives. BioWare wouldn't be here without DnD - Neverwinter Nights and Balder's Gate are well linked to the DnD rules.

When DnD initially released in 1974, it became one of the most popular table games of it's time. After 10 months, they sold out of all first prints and had to print twice as many copies. It gave children and adults the chance to allow imagination to be an active part of gameplay. While today we understand how important imagination is to development, in the late 70's and early 80's, DnD was demonized for promoting non-Christian values. The game was blamed for suicides and keeping boys inside instead of out working and getting a wife. How sexist of the 80's. We may laugh at the "DnD is evil!" pamphlet today, but it was a concern to a number of parents to warrant attention.

It didn't stop people from playing. And it's still an active part of today's gaming culture. PAX would not be PAX without DnD. Today we salute Dungeons and Dragons and wish them many more years of success.


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