Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Amazon's New Game Trade Policy

If you're a fan of trade ins on Amazon, you'll find that the online retail giant has updated their system and will now allow customers to receive their credit almost instantly. Even while you have the game still in your hands!

The new service was unveiled earlier this morning and is currently limited to games and accessories. Consoles are excluded at this time since they are higher valued items and require additional screening. But if you have a game you want to get rid of now and not drive to your nearest store, you can do it on Amazon; receive your credit, and buy something new right then and there. This new feature is just in time for Christmas and waives the 10 day waiting period for Amazon credit.

Of course there are rules and stipulations. Due to pawn shop lawns in each state, you can't do the trade in program unless you are legally 18 years of age. Your participation in Instant Payment may change at any time, without notification. And if you decide to never mail out that game to Amazon, you're going to have to return that credit. Make sure you are honest about the quality of your product - if it's missing the box and manual or has scratches on the disc, say so. Don't claim it's "new" when you've opened the package. And Amazon may dispose of your trade-in if it doesn't meet their standards.

A lot of this does fall on the honor system with customers. But it's a nice gesture that they are willing to help out people during the holiday season for faster cash back.


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