Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Is the SAG Strike A Sign For Future Labor Disputes?

It's possible! Past labor issues in the film/TV/radio industry have coincided with each other. What may start out as a dispute with SAG-AFTRA and voice actors could soon balloon to include other labor groups. And if the unions merge, it could spell more trouble for the gaming industry. Because it's not just about the actors. This strike could include people working for the companies - EA, Activision, and Microsoft gaming employees that see 60-80 hour work weeks, crunch-time pressure, and no additional pay for their efforts.

While a number of gaming companies are standing their ground that the voice actor strike is only hurt SAG-AFTRA's members, but so far it's not slowing down. In fact, they are also fighting NBCUniversal over the pay given to Spanish actors and the BET over the series "Being Mary Jane." They are flexing their muscles.

Imagine if the rest of SAG joined in, or the labor unions for film set workers, or the game coders?

The stalemate will most likely drag on for a while. Time will tell what happens next.


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