Thursday, November 03, 2016

New Updates to Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go is getting the updates it needed, and should have had back when the app first launched. While the game isn't drumming up as much use as it did in July, it's still pulling in millions in purchases daily, and ranks between #1 and #4 on app stores (depending on your service). It made $250 million within the first few months of being on the market. So people making those "in memorium" memes can step back and take a breather. Go is far from dead.

The latest update will now give users bonuses for logging in daily and catching Pokémon. Finally.
  • If you catch a Pokémon every day, you'll get 500 additional experience points and 600 stardust.
  • You'll get 2,000 experience points and 2,400 stardust for catching a Pokémon seven days in a row.
  • If you spin the disc at a Pokéstop every day, you'll get 500 experience points and more items.
  • You'll get 2,000 experience points and even more items for spinning a Pokéstop disc seven days in a row. 
Daily bonuses exist in mobile games to give users an incentive to log in daily. The more logins, the more likely you are to stick around and spend money. It was surprising that Go launched without a daily bonus. But they were also under the gun of hype and wanted to cash in while there was interest in the game.

Pokémon Go is not done yet. There are still plans in the works for trading pocket monsters with other users and battling. But this daily bonus could help those grinding for levels.


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