Friday, November 11, 2016

'No Man's Sky' Updates In The Works

If you still play No Man's Sky, Hello Games wants you to know that they are still working to bring you the game that was promised. Their vision is still in the works, and an update will be on the way soon with major changes. Goof-ball and somehow the go-to man for all things games, Geoff Knightly, spoke with Sony Interactive Entertainment executive VP and COO Shawn Layden about what consumers can expect from No Man's Sky. Neither Sony nor Hello Games have given up on the project. They see a good future with the title. And as Layden says in the video "you just don't get all the way there at the first go."

Well, maybe today's games consumers are okay with unfinished products being released but I'm come from an old-school system. When I drop $59.99 on a product, I want the FULL game.

Words aside, Hello Games plans to release updates over the next year, including downloadable content that will be free that will add base-building (a sorely missing feature that was promised at the beginning). Both Layden and Hello Games are being quiet about the time-frame for the patches and what will be included, and that's coming with a mix bag of results. The biggest issue with No Man's Sky after it's release was that the company went quiet. They were not responding to customer concerns or news sites to address the problems with the game. It caused a lot of turmoil and huge turnover in players. By not putting out there that patches were in the works, they lost people. But! they are also timid about releasing info right now. They don't want additional backlash. It makes sense, but they could be shooting themselves in the foot on that one.


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