Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Rovio Developing New Gaming App

Rovio, the gaming developers behind the hit mobile app Angry Birds have announced a new company called Hatch Entertainment, with the intent to develop a mobile gaming service similar to Spotify. Looking for a "fresh beginning," Vesa Jutila (formerly of Rovio, now head of content at Hatch) wants Hatch to be a place where gamers can play, share, and watch your favorite content. Hatch has been in development for a while, but as the project grew into a new scope, Rovio felt that it needed to be spun off into it's own entity. It will be a subscription based service and starting early next year they will hand out invite only testers on Android. From the way they make the app sound, it's going to be a mix of Twitch, Facebook, and Spotify. Just merging all the platforms into one easily digestible format. The app will be free to download and use, but will have ads. The subscription service will remove the ads.

What's interesting is that somehow you can play the game from your phone, and Hatch says it'll be big mobile titles. Ubisoft Mobile is listed as a developer that has signed on. Hatch will allow other gamers to watch as you play, comment, share, and the streamer can invite others to join in and play as well.

Unlike console and PC games, mobile games are typically a solitary experience. There are a few games that allow you to have online interaction with others, but they don't include chat rooms or any means of communication that don't involve you playing the game. This could be the app that starts a new wave of game types for mobiles.


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