Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Weekly Link Round Up

If you are a U.S. Citizen, today is election day and it's probably going to suck. So I'm here to help make it a little the internet a little more tolerable with a Weekly Link Round Up! All of the best, and worst, gaming news that there is to find. Here's what is on the table to clean your palette from election news:

- If you go to Shenandoah University, keep an eye out for a Spring video game tournament that can net you free textbooks! Last year the school started the small program to help students off-set the costs of textbooks, and if you've been to college you know how pricey they can be. With the increasing number of interest, they are adding in a Spring tourny. I wish I had this when I was in school!

- Video games are boring, according to Brie Code. Before you raise the pitchforks, take a moment to read through her article on Games Industry.biz, and how her cousin changed her outlook on gaming. Since then, she has created her own studio to bring together other gaming designers who want to change our outlook on games - more story, less blowing stuff up.

- News Flash: YouTube and other streaming platforms are not ideal for 4K.

That should be pretty obvious anytime you open up the app on your phone or watch on your computer that even at the highest resolution settings, it's still a bit pixilated. Content is being transmitted through the tubes of the internet, not directly from a Blu-Ray disc. Transferring all of those bits of data produces a lower quality. I mean...duh? Obvious much?

- TechSpot has a love letter to the keyboard and mouse. Gaming's greatest invention that wasn't meant for gaming.

- Pokémon Go is getting another update! After the success of their Halloween event, they are going to release additional monsters into the wild for Thanksgiving, and tweak the spawn rate on some of the more rarer mobs. The October update has helped changed the spawn rate, and it will carry over into the November update. Locations that use to spawn a lot of Rattata and Pidgey's may find other Pokémon about.

- Does anyone remember the Nintendo Power Line? It was a game tip phone number you could call for help with virtually any Nintendo game from the early console days. In honor of their NES line-up being released, Nintendo is reactivating the phone number this weekend only: November 11-13. The phone line will be automated, but should help you through the tricky Mario levels.

Enjoy the madness and be prepared to run for the hills!


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