Thursday, December 15, 2016

Mario's First Mobile Game

Super Mario Run, Nintendo's second mobile app is out today on iOS devices with an early 2017 release for Android users. There has been stock market buzz for the title since it's the first official mobile"game" released by the company. Stocks closed lower then expected yesterday, but many believe it's due to cautious optimism.

Unlike most mobile games that you will find on today's market, Super Mario Run commands a premium fee to unlock the full game: $9.99. You can download it and play for free up to a point. The rest requires you to buy it. It's a gamble. Most mobile games now work on a freemium model where the initial product is free and you can purchase in-game content. But unlike freemium games, Nintendo is banking on the nostalgia of Mario to get people to buy the product. We've seen how popular the mini-Nintendo, released this holiday season, has been. You will be lucky to find that on store shelves. Nintendo projects that the game will net $71 million in profit in the first month. And that the game will have a 20-25% purchase rate by March of 2017. Those are lofty goals.

Reviews for the app are under the radar and the product may not have been available for others until today, so expect a spike in metacritic data soon. But the app looks just like a Mario game. Clean design. Smooth animations. Classic music. It's everything Mario in a cell phone. Just don't expect the original Mario to come to a phone near you. Miyamoto has already put down that rumor (and we shouldn't be surprised - Mario has evolved quite well with each Nintendo system).


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