Monday, December 26, 2016

Video Game Movies Still Not Meeting the Mark

Assassin's Creed is not doing well in the box office. Released a few days ago on December 21, it's first weekend intake was only $11.2 million dollars. For a movie with a proposed $125-$150 million budget, that hurts. And once again the video game movie curse continues! Here's my surprise face. Do you see it? It's one of contempt and nonplussed exuberance.

It's still holding a 19% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and the reviews haven't been much better since my story posted last week. While some user reviews are favorable, there seems to be a general dislike for the story. Even if you have played AssCreed, it can be difficult to follow through the past lives of Michael Fassbender's character. Common comments are that the action scenes and the visuals are great, but the story loses the flow the movie needs. I would concur with this sentiment. It is a pretty film to watch, even with it's grit and bloom, but the story is weak and convoluted.

AssCreed will be another movie in the books that video games are not meant to be Hollywood films. It probably didn't help that it released a week after Star Wars: Rogue One, which is still sweeping up loads of profits. But! this is just domestic holdings. AssCreed could still do very well overseas in other larger markets like China and pull off a Warcraft turnaround to make a profit.

So what's next for game movies? Who knows! I have a feeling that there will be another Warcraft film but it may not be made in the U.S. To cut the budget and really hype up the Chinese audience, I could easily see the sequel being made in China. It's just good business sense at that point. Future films won't be far behind. Costs are increasing here and there's a favorable market overseas - so give them what they want.

So no, AssCreed was not the golden unicorn people were hoping for to break the video game movie curse. We'll keep waiting for the next game to try again. Maybe another round of Super Mario Bros?


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