Thursday, January 12, 2017

More Mass Effect Updates as Andromeda Release Date Nears

Mass Effect: Andromeda is getting a flood of attention as of late, now that Bioware has announced a release date and their development team has been tackling more questions about the game through their social media profiles. The team has been quiet through most of development, so any news before the game's release is news worth taking.

Right now the biggest hubbub is multiplayer. It hasn't been discussed in detail other then, Andromeda will have it. Given how mixed the reaction was to Mass Effect 3, which incorporated multiplayer into the main story by requiring you to play it and build up your army's strength against the Reapers. This was pre-patch, mind you. If you didn't play multiplayer, you couldn't obtain the best possible ending for the game. That's been changed and multiplayer is no longer a requirement, but for quite a while that tag team between single and multi damaged the gaming experience.

Recently the team has announced that the multiplayer system will be better incorporated into the main story, but will have no effect on the single player experience. You don't have to play multiplayer if you don't want to. Multiplayer will have it's own story content that will weave into the Andromeda experience, but you playing it won't affect the outcome of your single player campaign. A number of fans are probably expressing their relief on that news. They listened to your feedback, kids. Rejoice!

Even better - no season pass DLC. There aren't details on if the game will have DLC (it will, it's an EA brand now. EA loves their DLC) or if they are opting to release it for free for consumers (again, EA, so probably not). Details to be released eventually...but it's a start as we anxiously await the next chapter.


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