Friday, January 06, 2017

Weekly Link Round Up

New Year! New Round Up!

Okay so that Round Up is not as new. It's still a mish-mash of the best, worst, and silliest gaming stories of the internet for the week. But it's new content every time. That's new enough for us, right?

- If you are looking for some weekly entertainment, Games Done Quickly is starting their charity run this Sunday, January 8th. This years proceeds will go to Doctors Without Borders and Prevent Cancer Foundation. The line-up is going to include quite a few Mario games and some knock-off sequels like Donkey Kong 5. I had a blast watching this last year and picked up some great tips for Super Mario RPG, so I'm sure it'll be just as fun.

- Razer has confirmed at CES a new tool called Project Ariana. The device allows you to project your computer monitor or television to encompass the entire room you are in, and allow you to immerse yourself into video games. With a 155-degree fish eye lens, Ariana can detect furniture and any obstructions so that the images will conform around the items. While shiny, Razer didn't provide any details about the image quality other then you can plug it into a 4k projector. A 4k projector is moot once you spread out the image beyond it's scaling capabilities; just fyi.

- Also from Razer is Project Valerie (lulz). A laptop with 2 fold out screens on top of it's standard monitor, and packed with the Razer Blade Pro internal gear. A super powerful mobile PC with an over the top screen? Each of the displays is a 4k monitor and it supports NVidia's View, offering 180 degrees of visuals. It's crazy. It's asinine because you know people would break off those screens all the time. Or it would be so happy to counteract the breaking, that it wouldn't work as a laptop. At least it looks pretty?

- The nominees for the 2017 Game Developer Awards have been announced. Don't be surprised if you see a lot of Blizzard and Overwatch but do revel in That Dragon Cancer and Firewatch receiving a few nominations. All of them are great games, but it's good to see the indies starting to work their way into the AAA club.

- I like this article for the headline: An Article to Help You Become A Video Game Pro. It has nothing to do with becoming a pro gamer. It is so ridiculously click-baity without any ads to tack on, that it's kind of funny for how sad it is. "Get[sic] your hands on the hottest cheat codes" and then not provide any details on how to do that. Really, just go read it for a laugh and to shake your head at it. It's just a sad, sad article.

- Capcom is kicking it up with their Resident Evil 7 promotions and offering a full, interactive haunted house in London! The event will take place January 20 through the 23 at a venue in London's East End. It replicates the house that you can visit in the demo, and has some people, props, and creepy sounds that will look very familiar. With the exception of the really bad canned scream at the end of the promo video, it appears to be quite promising! I wish I could see it in person.

- Singer Ariana Grande is going to be in a Final Fantasy game and will have a song tied in to it. She's popular in Japan. The rest of the world seems confused on why she's being included given that she has been "vocal" about not playing games or even liking them. Thanks SquareEnix for pandering to her fans to try and boost sales. /sarcasm  I really don't have much to say about this article, other then I dislike it when developers feel they have to pander to sell a product. If you're going to put in the time, and money, to get a "famous" person into your product, get someone who CARES about your product.

- Finally, if you are an Overwatch player, you are probably fully aware of the Mei glitch in Antarctica map. Blizzard is currently testing a fix for it, and they are going to be aggressively pursuing players who abuse the glitch. A fix is on the way and it's not worth being banned if you get caught.


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