Thursday, January 19, 2017

Weekly Link Round Up

Gaming news has simmered down this week. Possibly due to the evil that is lurking around the corner from the aftermath of the US elections. But that doesn't stop some weird articles from cropping up. Here's some of the best, and worst gaming news on the internet for the Weekly Link Round Up:

- Researchers at Penn State say that there are plenty of advertising opportunities in video games for companies to take advantage of. Seriously. This is a real story. A story where someone okayed the used of federal grant money to pay researchers to come up with this conclusion. Frank Dardis, an associate professor, compared advergames to general games and found that players responded more positively to the advergames designed around a specific product. Advergames would be the 7Up Spot game from the 90's, or the KFC flash games you can play online right now. I don't know how this qualifies as newsworthy, but there you go. A researcher got paid money to study this. I'm in the wrong job market.

- Nintendo is jumping onto the subscription market and the Switch will be the first system that requires you to pay in order to play online. Lame. Now in all fairness, Nintendo isn't known for their grand online services. Playing with others is rare, and few games in the Nintendo lineup support this feature. Surely the next Mario Kart and Animal Crossing will have an online mode, but it's not the end of the world if you opt out of the subscription. You can still access the eShop, add friends, and share screenshots to social media platforms. Pricing plans have not been announced yet, and the online subscription will be free to US, Canada, and Mexico at the system's launch through Fall of 2017.

- Dan Trachtenber, the director of '10 Cloverfield Lane,' wants to make a video game. He loves games. That's it. That's the news. Thought it would be cool to share.

- Final Fantasy XV is getting a load of updates as of late, along with new DLC that will change the game's story. Though most people that I've talked to who have played the game are not willing to spend another 50-60 hours of their life replaying the entire thing for that on section of story-line. But hey! You can soon take selfies. I guess that's cool? Would have been nice if they released a fully, finished game instead of tweaking and adding content after. They had 10 years to do it.

- Earlier this week Gabe Newell, the king of Valve, held a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything). While a number of questions were about a non-existant Half-Life 3, there may have been a hint or two dropped about a new Left 4 Dead game? Honestly, I don't know. The man is very secretive about the company's work, that until they have a press release to officially announce it, it's difficult to guess. But if you have time on your hands, feel free to read through his AMA. Fun questions were asked, including new hardware for Steam and Valve is developing VR games specifically for the platform. Cool.

- Finally, The King of Fighters fans can rejoice. Another game is coming out...for mobile! Yea? The King of Fighters: World is said to be the first mobile MMORPG that focuses on fighting. An MMORPFG. It will be released this year starting in China. No word yet on it's other international dates, but it's a start. I'm curious on it being an MMO in a mobile format - a fighting game no less!


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