Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Apocalypse Now Game Starting New Crowdfunding Venture

My knowledge, once again, prevails! With only 9 days left in their crowdfunding efforts, the Apocalypse Now game has only earned $172 thousand of their $900k goal from Kickstarter. Instead of going through the traditional routes, the developers, Erebus LLC, opted to keep the game independent and Coppola endorsed crowdfunding the game. Unfortunately the jazz behind crowdfunding has dissipated in the past year. The number of games announced in 2016 on these platforms was down, as well as the amount of money pledged to these campaigns. It wasn't a good year for start-ups seeking investments from gamers, and that ripple effect pulled through to 2017 and affected Apocalypse Now.

The game developers have decided to move the project to it's own crowdfunding platform under This will give them more time to gain the funding needed to continue building the game. All 459 days of it and a $5.9 million dollar goal. Ouch. The team announced the change on their Kickstarter page once they realized that the money wasn't coming in as fast as they expected.

"When we launched this campaign, we made a mistake. We forgot that many of you have been disappointed by overreaching games and overreaching promises. We had stopped paying attention to the Kickstarter world[.]"

Friendly reminder to those looking to crowdfund: don't ignore your platform. Watch the trends. See how other games have succeed and failed so you can learn what not to do. Erebus LLC did not and now they get to suffer from the fallout.

For those who have already pledged on Kickstarter, a free upgrade is being offered on the site if you opt to pledge again. And the game itself doesn't look bad. Maybe a bit too late given the type of gamers that play right now (or maybe this was a game that couldn't exist until today with the advances in technology?), but Apoc Now has AAA dreams and they're asking fans of a movie that's nearly 40 years old to donate. A movie that is rated R so most of the fans have to be in the 58+ years, if they saw the movie (legally) when it was first released. Not the ideal demographic of gamers.

I wish them luck. They are going to need a whole lot of it. An investor or two from a company couldn't hurt either.


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