Wednesday, February 08, 2017

E3 2017 Open to the Public!

This is not a drill. I repeat. This. Is. Not. A. Drill.

E3 will be going live to the public starting in 2017. That means you, the average consumer, can go to the biggest gaming show of the year for industry members.

Fair warning, it's not going to be cheap. Ticket sales will start next week at $150 for all three days for early bird customers, limited to 15,000 passes. Most will cost $250. Unlike the E3 Live event last year that took place in L.A. at an event hall, these are legitimate passes that bring you up front and center with the booths at the convention. The announcement just dropped - so fast that not even the E3 website has had a chance to update.

Mark your calendars for February 13th at 12PM PST. E3 2017 will take place June 13-15th. Yes that's the middle of the week. Yes that's totally normal for E3. Yes Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo will still probably hold their press conferences on Monday and Tuesday.

Expect a flurry of new rules for the event in light of this. Cosplay is probably not going to be allowed, and cameras might be restricted, so pay attention to the rules before you buy!


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