Wednesday, February 01, 2017

ePeen to the Max!

Typically the week after PAX I will feature a few games that caught my attention. It also means I needed to be a responsible adult and remember to bring with me the business cards I picked up and have access to the photos. My bad. So we'll save those posts for another time and move on to more important things in the gaming world: dick sliders (images in the article NSFW).

You read that right. Dick sliders (images in the article NSFW). The new Conan game, Conan Exiles, will give gamers the opportunity to adjust the size of their junk. PC Gamer got a first look at the new online survival game, and the game promises blood, gore, and nudity from both genders. Huzzah! The endowment slider works on men and women, giving female avatars adjustable breast sizes. You can also change how much nudity you want in the game. So if you want full nude, you can change the settings to accommodate. Or if you want to play the game as is, you can keep clothing on. And just like the Terminator (heh), your avatar starts out in the desert completely nakie. You'll have to find your way to safety with your super nude body before you can gear up, and cover up.

Just to make it that much better, the game also sports a vanity camera. Smack the V key and you can adjust the camera to look at every angle of your body.

The game was developed in the Unreal 4 Engine, which means funny physics and detailed schlongs. It's the stuff of modders dreams.

Why is this is a big deal? For one it's silly. But mostly as a gamer it's very rare that care and consideration is given to the male avatar on adjusting their features. Usually the focus is on the female characters and being able to tailor the character to fit your needs. Male avatars tend to have a "one size fits all" mode. To have a game that wants to give you a more immersive experience, even with a dick slider to customize your avatar, then that's progress. Silly progress, but progress none the less!


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