Thursday, February 09, 2017

NBA Creating eSports League

The NBA and 2K Sports, the publishers behind the NBA games, are gathering their resources for a new venture: eSports. Announced yesterday, this will be the first official eSports organization sponsored by a sporting group. NBA 2K eLeague will focus on, of course, the NBA 2K franchise of games. It's unclear how many starter teams will be joining the group, but the 5-person teams will be managed by an NBA franchise. Just imagine being a part of the Dallas Mavericks without having to play physical basketball. Sweet.

The competitive schedule will mimic the NBA games with a regular season of head to head matches, and then a championship tournament done by brackets. NBA commissioner Adam Silver commented that he is looking forward to the organization's first year. 2K Sports has done a fair job with their own in-house gaming competitions. The release of NBA 2K16 dropped a $250 grand prize for the best player. eSports is continuing to grow at record pace across multiple games. The development of the 2K eLeague is a good stop forward. A sporting group is recognizing how intense eSports is and wants to support it. That's another win for gamers!


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