Monday, February 13, 2017

New Game Series Announced for Netflix

So this is an actual thing: a Castlevania TV series was announced by Netflix and will be available later this year. Feel free to laugh and chuckle for the next few minutes. It sounds like the oddest of choices given the gaming climate right now, and the popularity of the franchise is reserved to us "old fogies." The last game in the series was released in 2014, Lords of Shadow 2, and had limited availability or marketing behind it. Konami hasn't kept it the franchise up to date, and they have shifted their focus from consoles to mobile games. Castlevania is 30 years old and pretty much out of the gamer mindset, unless you're a fan of the series. Old world vampire hunting isn't as cool as Halo.

With this franchise seemingly coming back from the dead, how the heck did this happen? Why Castlevania? Gizmodo sat down with the producer Adi Shankar to talk about the series. It's a funny interview. Shankar really likes video games. A lot. He called them "dope." I snickered a bit. Shankar was the producer behind movies such as 'The Grey' and the 2012 remake of 'Dredd.' He also helped get that 2015 over-the-top 'Power Rangers' mini movie online. The series will be animated by Frederator Studios ('Adventure Time' and 'Fairly Odd Parents') and written by comic book icon Warren Ellis. The kid-friendly studio tied in to a gritty comic artist is weird, but okay. Whatever floats their boat.

Shankar is still really excited about it! He hopes to keep it true to the source material and provide a more stylish, "r-rated" version of Castlevania. Not to be edgy for the sake of being edgy, but that the content requires it. It's already made clear that most of the puzzle solving aspects won't be included, since they don't fit in well to a TV/movie format. There may be elements and Easter Eggs of puzzles in the game, but they won't envelope the main body of the series. Again, it makes sense, even though it is a big crux of the gameplay.

No release date has been announced, but this is something that I plan to watch and review. If anything, for the lulz. I can't imagine Castlevania as a movie or TV show. So prove me wrong, Shakar.


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