Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Farmers, Don't Cross Nintendo

The internet is a weird and wonderful place.

Billings Farm and Museum, based in Vermont, has a problem with the Nintendo Switch. A particular mini-game in the 1-2 Switch line-up is called "Milk" they claim is too easy and doesn't accurately represent how challenging it is to milk a cow. Well...no duh. It's a video game. If real udders were involved, there might be some questions in the Nintendo board room. In "Milk" two players must battle against each other to fill up as many bottles of milk as they can in 30 seconds.

The farm called out Nintendo on social media, and invited the company out to their farm to see how milking is really done. Within minutes the company fired back with a "challenge accepted" and plan to send out a team over the next week. Maybe they will have a trade off with the farmers - Nintendo employees will milk the real cows while the farmers race to milk the fake ones.

I'm not sure what Billing Farm was trying to accomplish. It's not like they were up in arms over how farming is portrayed in Stardew Valley, or the mini-gardening game on the Nintendo DS. But they got a lot of attention in a very short amount of time. Sometimes it just takes that one hit on the lightning rod to strike. And hey, maybe it'll get some more kids interested in farming now that the two have a social media "friendly" war going on.

This is the internet, people. Enjoy.


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