Friday, March 10, 2017

Weekly Link Round Up

My copy of NieR: Automata finally arrived! So you'll have to excuse me for a few days while I submerge myself into that world and somehow manage my time with reality. So here's a Weekly Link Round Up to keep you occupied. Let's face it. I am not able to focus on much else outside of NieR.

- Another study is out about violent video games; this one stating that in the long-term, violent games do not affect one's empathy. Posted on EurukAlert!, German researches used an fMRI on a group of male gamers over the course of 4 years to watch their brain patterns after gaming sessions. Participants were required to play violent video games for 2 hours a day over the 4 year period. In that time, researchers found that there no comparable difference in brain stimulation between the test subjects and non-test subjects. The team acknowledged that further study is required, but this is on the few long-term projects for reviewing how games affect our brains.

- A lot of people seem impressed by the Nintendo Switch. I'm still waiting on the sidelines until a more robust lineup of games are released, and some reviewers recommend the same. Check out this product review by The Advocate, which gives insight into the console, as well as the ups and downs with the new gear.

- Amazon has a new head to it's gaming studio: Louis Castle. If you were an avid PC gamer in the 1990's, that name may sound familiar. Castle is the co-founder of Westwood Studios and a major figure behind the Command & Conquer series. After EA purchased the company, Castle stayed on in a leadership role. Amazon is turning some heads in the industry, picking up high profile employees from Microsoft, EA, and Valve to work with their new studio.

- Remember yesterday's blog post about that new ban China has going on with South Korea? Well, it just got a lot bigger. Tabao, one of the world's largest auction sites, based in China, will be banning the sale of any and all imported video games, CD's, DVD's, cassettes, and books. It all starts today, March 10. If a seller violates this new rule, they can be banned for 7 days from the site, or have their account removed entirely. For imported games, Chinese buyers will have to go to mainland app stores, or local game merchants. Made even worse, Tabao sellers have not been given any outlines on how the new rule works. Are they still allowed to sell imported games to buyers outside of China? What about pre-existing orders? If a game is 20 years old, would that be allowed to be sold on the market? The rules are going to make for an interesting market in China over the upcoming months.

- Confused about video games? You're probably not. If you're reading this blog, you are most likely a gamer. But on the off-chance that you are not one who plays video games, then avoid this article from Must Tech News at all costs. It's so bad. Just, bad bad advice on how to get into gaming. Particularly when it starts out with "you can be anyone or anything, but you need to have a good computer" without going into a spec of detail on what to look for when you buy a PC game to ensure that your computer can run the darn thing. The next statement encourages you to use cheat codes. What? How will using cheat codes help you be a gamer? Most games no longer utilize cheat codes! This article is so laughably bad. If you are not a gamer, avoid it. But if you are, read it and I hope it brightens up your day.

- The days of the Nintendo DS are long gone; the system being discontinued in 2014 in favor of the 3DS. But we still remember the glory days of some amazing hand held games. Screen Rant ranks the top 20 DS games, and it's a well rounded list. So if your in need of a bit of nostalgia, enjoy!

- Why are chickens in video games? Other then adding a sense of realism, there are sometimes found in the most random places such as Resident Evil and Call of Duty. Chickens do not belong on a battlefield. If you are attending PAX East this weekend, stop by the 'Ask the Ethicist' booth and Dr Catherine Flick. She's been at the event for the past 4 years and has brought up some interesting topics. The chicken fiasco is one of her most downloaded papers that she will be presenting at the event.


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