Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Weekly Link Round Up

I'm finding a lot of random non-news, news for games on the interwebs today. So let's make this an early Weekly Link Round Up. The best thrills, chills, and spills of gaming content that's available for you to review, this week! Here's whats on the docket:

- WhatCulture must have hired a new freelancer today as they have a slew of new lists available. First up it's 10 Video Game Twists That We Never Saw Coming! Of the lists that I'll be covering today, this one is the worst. The likes of Final Fantasy VII (really?) and Call of Duty (really??) can be seen, and it completely ignores some of the more prominent, game twists. Such as Metal Gear Solid 3, the boss fight against Psycho Mantis. Why is that a twist? Because you have to move your controller to the second player slot and turn off your system to kill the guy! Games even today never force you to stop your experience to swap controllers and try and break your game. Or Silent Hill 2 where you find out (SPOILER) that the main protagonist is the killer all along, and you playing the game as his punishment. Those are twists. Not Aeris dying, which I'm sorry. It's not. Even if you haven't played a Final Fantasy game, you know if your party member runs off all willy-nilly, leaving her things behind, and starts acting weird, she's probably going to die. It's horror movie logic.

- The next WhatCultue list has an odd title: 10 Best Alternative Female Heroes in a Video Game. All it means are the lesser known female leads. Not Samus or Lara Croft. This list did require some thought and research because, as we sadly well know, there are few female protagonists in video games. The list includes Superbrothers: Sword & Sorcery, Clementine from The Walking Dead, and Red from Transistor. However lumping Aloy from Horizon: Zero Dawn into the top spot was a bit of pandering. In the short time that the game has been on the market, she's become a top leading female figure. I'd rather the list stuck with lesser known female leads.

- Tired of lists yet? No? Say hello then to Screen Rant's list of 17 Best Star Wars Games. The worst part of this list is easily Battlefront, the 2015 remake. And that it's on the list and not the original. The best part is that someone finally mentions Super Star Wars, one of the best platforming action games on the Super Nintendo. But overall, it's not a bad lineup. All are fun games...except for the remake Battlefront. That one can be burned in a fire.

- But we're no done yet! Game Revolution has a list of 5 Unsung Video Game Composers. These are musicians that may have had only one or two songs added to a soundtrack, or were not credited at all. Have you heard of Eveline Fischer? I haven't and she composed several tracks to one of my favorite SNES games: Donkey Kong Country. She even developed almost the entire soundtrack for the third game Dixie Kong’s Double Trouble. My mind is blown. Start checking out your lists of favorite songs. They may not all be from one composer!

- Have you ever wondered why digital games for PC and consoles cost the same as their physical counterparts? Gameranx jumps into the debate to see why the more economically efficient digital downloads cost the same, and sometimes more then physical. (If you have Amazon Prime, you can receive 20% off all pre-orders, and during the first 2 weeks a game is released. This doesn't always apply to special or limited editions, but for the base game, 20% off the original price is a nice bit of savings.)

- That Rampage movie is still in the works. The monster battle royale is looking for an Apil 2018 release, and more people are signing up to join the cause. The movie will star Dwayne Johnson, would could hold a 50/50 shot on being mildly entertaining. Before I hear any flack, remember. He was in that bad Doom movie. One of the actors, Matt Gerald, is currently on Netflix's 'Daredevil' and the production team behind the disaster film 'San Andreas' is behind the movie. It could be worse...

- It's not your imagination. If you own a Nintendo Switch, you probably saw the price increase on the games. Nintendo has always been pretty affordable by comparison to other consoles. It's rare to see a game priced over $49.99. 3DS games are typically $39.99, where as Vita tops out at $59 and XBox One/PC/PS4 games range from $59 to $79 for their games. Switch games are currently selling at that $59.99 price. Why? Well the cost to make games for Nintendo has gone up. Read the details on Eurogamer.


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