Wednesday, April 26, 2017

SNES Mini - What Games Would You Play?

Everyone is speculating the piss out of an Super Nintendo Entertainment System Mini. When will it release? What's the price point? How many games will it hold? Will it be on the market for longer then 6 months? The NES compact console swept in like a tornado this past holiday season, and even with it's store-shelf rarity, Nintendo has discontinued production. This has instantly lead people to think that Nintendo may do this again with it's other consoles, with the SNES being next in line.

Let's make one thing clear right now: Nintendo has not made a single statement that there will be another mini console.

This is all 100%, pulling out of our ass assumptions based off of the popularity of the NES Mini.

Got it? Okay.

But it doesn't hurt to play the speculation game and think about the "what ifs." Should there be an SNES Mini, what games would it come with? The SNES is considering the quintessential 90's system, the start of the consoles wars as the battle between Nintendo and Sega began. With it came hundreds of amazing games that are still considered classics even by today's standards.

There are the obvious Mario games, like Super Mario World and Super Mario Kart. But some welcome additions would be Bomberman, Donkey Kong Country, and Super Mario RPG. Now this is just a wish-list, because there is a lot of contract negotiations that would need to go on behind the scenes for such a thing to happen. DKC, while part of the Nintendo brand, was developed by Rare. Since the game's release, the licensing agreement for Donkey Kong has gone though so many hands that to come to an agreement about re-releasing it will be tricky.

For me, some of the best SNES games are from Squaresoft, now SquareEnix. That would be Super Mario RPG, Chrono Trigger, and Final Fantasy VI. With the exception of FF6, none of these games have been remastered or re-released. FF6's only update was for a PlayStation 1 port that changed out the cutscenes to 3D models, while maintaining the sprites through the gameplay. While the two companies have been steadily working on rebuilding their friendship, these games are not going to resurface anytime soon.

But there are other options that are within Nintendo's grasp. Earthbound is a top contender, given that the game was released on Wii Virtual Console. As well as any Mega Man game and Star Fox. All of these have been given fair play on Nintendo's virtual stores and would be easy to send back to the SNES.

We can't forget about other classics like Super Metroid, Super Tennis (because there must be at least 1 sports game), and Super Castlevania IV. Because it's the SNES, so it all must be Super.

In time we'll see if the SNES Mini comes true, until then, speculate away and don't trust anyone!


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