Tuesday, April 18, 2017

That's Not How You Hold A Controller

Dumb post incoming, but it's my birthday today. After this craptacular month, I'm allowed to enjoy something mindless. Such as this all important question: why does it seem like no one in television or movies knows how to properly play a video game?

No really. Why is it? We see actors take driving seriously as well as piloting space ships, dune buggies, and any random assortment of odd vehicles. Most of the time they know how to hold a weapon correctly. Accuracy may be questionable, but that's at the fault of the director and editors, not the actors. But video games? Well no one in movies seems to know how to properly play them. Or mimic playing them.

You don't have to be a gamer to know that you can't hold a controller loosely in your hands, or in a death grip. Controllers are designed to fit snugly in your palms so your fingers can easily rest over the buttons and directional pad without excess strain to your digits. Gaming gear has advanced since the days of Atari. The same applies to keyboards and mice. Have you seen how many different models are on the market these days? Even standard office keyboards are starting to embrace the raised design and wrist rests to ensure a more fluid, and comfortable typing experience. You don't have to be a gamer to know that you need a mouse to play nearly all games on a PC/Mac. So when you see a show like 'Dexter' with a Halo 3 marketing tie-in on PC and no mouse in sight, everyone sighs and rolls their eyes. Not just the gamers.

It's laughably bad at how poorly actors pantomime playing video games. Even advertisements suck at this, with kids and adults slamming arcade buttons with intense fury or swinging a Wii-mote like their lives depended on it. Check out some ridiculous acting choices thanks to Polygon. And actors, please try to do better. You don't have to actually play a game, but go to an arcade or watch your kids play and mimic those actions. Please.


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