Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Weekly Link Round Up

Starting early with the Weekly Link Round Up. Lots of small bits of gaming news on the internet today. Not enough to hold down a discussion, but we can take the tiny bites and squish them into one post. Here's what we've got:

- Video games are big business. Now that, that "no duh" moment has sunken into your head, if you're curious about who's been investing into gaming companies these days thanks to this handy list by Forbes. Some of the biggest names in business have been investing in smaller gaming companies, eSports teams, all the way up to Rovio (Angry Birds). Interesting to see who's playing with the gamers these days.

- Kotaku looks at the art of the video game poster, and the time it takes to develop one. Like movie posters, they need to entice and attract the audience to prompt them to buy the product. Devil is in the details as a poster can be a make or break for a potential buyer. In many cases, the poster becomes the box art for the game, so there's even more at stake for the general customer that picks up the game to take a look at it. Game posters need to be compelling, inspiring, and give a taste of the content in the product without giving it all away.

- The Guardian has an opinion piece looking at the future of video games, arguing that the best games are the ones that don't focus on trying to save the world. It all boils down to your personal opinion in the end. But there are quite a few games on the market today that have epic-level content centered around characters not saving the world.

- WhatCulture is at it again with a list of 8 annoying mistakes developers continue to make. And it's a standard WhatCulture list. Some of it is silly, like celebrity voice actors (some of them are  phenomenal), and larger maps. What's wrong with a bigger map? With cities in Grand Theft Auto V you need that immersive map scaling to make it feel like a living, breathing entity. Sorry WhatCulture. You're being knocked down a peg again for your crappy lists.

- The Witcher author, because of course there are books, is sour about the reputation of the games. People are more interested in the games, so he's seeing a loss in sales. Andrzej Sapkowski claims that he made the games popular with his Western translations. Which is confusing and contradicts timelines as the game was first released in 2006, the book wasn't translated until 2007. What's even more confusing is that Sapkowski acknowledges that the games have brought him just as many book sales as he has lost. What? Look, if you're going to be angry at a game for losing money after your books were released, it's silly but whatever. You can be angry. But you can't also be happy that you made money because of the games. Pick a stance and stick to it!

- If you wanted that Nintendo Classic system? Well snatch one wherever you can. Nintendo is already taking it off the market after only being available for a few months during the holiday season. It's still near impossible to find, and there are already rumors flying that there may be an SNES Classic out later this year. Who knows for sure, but this holiday fiend is still selling hot so it's a surprise that Nintendo is pulling it so swiftly.


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