Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Mobile Zelda?

With Super Mario Run making waves in the phone game market, and the continued success of Miitomo, Nintendo is most likely already in development of their next product. What would it be, you might wonder? Well some are speculating that it's Legend of Zelda. Which seems like a logical choice in the lineup, and would be a good tie-in to the release of Breath of the Wild.

According to sources affiliated with The Wall Street Journal, that's exactly what Nintendo is working on next for the mobile market. While Nintendo has not issued any comments or statements to confirm it, they're not denying it either. We're back in speculation land again. Yea. It's probably best to wait it out, see what Nintendo says, and hey! Maybe it'll be officially announced at E3 in a few weeks?

Nintendo is planning on releasing an Animal Crossing mobile game later this year. Working with mobile developer DeNA to manage the product and maintain future updates once the app is released. Animal Crossing on mobile sounds like an ideal format for the set-up. You create and manage your own digital home of animal cuteness. By going mobile, you are able to check on your home throughout the day without having to wait until you are near a gaming console. Nintendo hopes to have this app link up to possible Wii/Wii-U versions of the game to make it more interactive - we'll see where that goes. As long as there aren't extreme paywalls to build and grow your homestead, this could be a fun app to have on the go!

Zelda seems like a possible game but let's not hold our breaths. Wait on Nintendo to give the official announcement and then we can all do the happy dance. As long as it's not like Mario Run. Good in theory, but that paywall...ugh.


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