Friday, May 19, 2017

Weekly Link Round Up

It's Friday! About time! This has been an extra long week for some unknown reason, and I think we all deserve a nice, long, relaxing weekend or playing video games. I know I'll be making time to partake in a few. With that, let's start off the weekend right with a Weekly Link Round Up. Some of the best, worst, and weirdest gaming news on the internet.

- Gaming sites are freaking out over Destiny 2. I guess the distaste of the first game has washed out of their mouths? One of the biggest news pieces to drop is that Activision/Blizzard is taking on the game for the PC port. Seeing how well the company manages their online IP's, that's a good step for Destiny to take. So if you want to know everything and anything about the new game, there's this site, and this one, and this one too. Bungie is going all out in trying to get people onto the Destiny train asap, lest they have another disaster on their hands.

- Business Insider is gracing us with the "worst and dumb" article of the week. The reasoning why PS4 and XBox One gamers can't play together. And that's because business. Yep. Business. That's it. Sony, Microsoft, and Nintedo all like to keep their secrets and keep people playing their content. They don't want to lose a life-time Sony gamer to Microsoft, so they don't allow for cross-connectivity. This isn't news, Business Insider. It's been like this forever. It won't change anytime soon. Final Fantasy XI has been one of the only games to bridge the gap between Sony, Microsoft, and PC. And we all know why. So, thanks for calling out the obvious, Business Insider.

- ScreenRant has a list of the 15 Worst Video Game Remakes that No One Asked For. It's kind of funny what's listed, because some of these are games you probably have never heard of! Did you know that the 2013 Deadpool game was "remastered" and re-released when the movie arrived? The game has no connection to the film and no new content was added. It was a bad port on a newer console. However Resident Evil 6 is on the list. It's not a remake but a sequel. I think this is the author's attempt at inserting his dislike of RE. Otherwise, the list is mildly entertaining.

- GameStop hasn't been doing well. Despite what the company may say to the public, some investors are warning stock holders to jump out while they can. Stock value has dropped by 1/3rd over the past 3 years, sales are sliding, and publishers are trying to sell more of their content direct to consumers to eliminate the middle man. While I don't want to wish failure to a company since jobs are on the line, GameStop needs to re-brand and re-market themselves fast if they expect to keep up with the digital age.

- Kotaku knocks it out of the park with an article about trash talking. There's an art to riling up your opponents, all in a good-nature manner that keeps the game fun. Silly article with some amusing insight.

See you all next week!


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