Monday, June 12, 2017

E3 Expectations

I am EXHAUSTED. All caps. Underlined. And bolded for greater emphasis. It's been a long weekend, and probably the most I have worked at for a convention in, well, ever. So today's post is going to be light and nothing E3 related. In fact, I'll be cramming in E3 streams during my breaks and at home this evening while I render videos. Lucky me!

But let's talk about E3. This year keynotes started on Saturday, and I swear they get earlier and earlier every year. The show is technically Tuesday through Thursday, but developers and the big 3 consoles are already touting their wares! It's crazy and difficult to schedule around. Nintendo is the only one holding their conference on Tuesday, but we know most of the content already.

We know that Microsoft has already dropped the bomb on their newest system...that's smaller and supports 4k. That's all I know about it. Not enough to get me to buy. Nice try, MC. Not everyone has 4k - it's still too new and too expensive to have a monitor/television that supports it.

So what's this E3 going to be all about? For one thing, this is the first year the event is open to the public. We'll see what the result is with having fresh bodies on the floor and this no longer being a "developers only" conference.

But many gamers are looking to see what's next with Microsoft and Sony. Nintendo's new console has taken off, and the other two players need to show that they are on the ball with trends. Microsoft is trying. Sony hasn't announced any big plans yet. For all consoles though, games need to take center stage. The Switch may be hot, but it's game line up kind of sucks. The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is nice and all, but where are the other games? Spending all that money on one title is not worth it. Both Microsoft and Sony need to lock in exclusive games, while providing interactivity to their customers.

And we need to see NEW games. Not sequels. Not prequels. Not remakes. New. Games. If developers expect to keep the momentum going on their products, they have to bring out the big guns. Hollywood has suffered from the repeats, and have seen sales slide as video games take over. Developers need to step it up if they want to see growth.

What do you hope to see from E3 this year?


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