Monday, June 05, 2017

eSports in Europe Taking Off With Telecommunications

The world of eSports is still new, but a number of businesses see the potential for money by investing now. In Europe, the craze has been slow to start but will soon pick up speed in the coming years. JP Morgan Chase estimates that the audience for eSports will reach the same level as traditional spots games (Football, Baseball, etc.) in 10 years, about 40 years faster then it's predecessors. Global revenues are roughly $500 million USD, but expected to jump to $1 billion by 2019.

That's a lot of money to play with, and if you're investing, you get a piece of it. Which is why European telecommunication firms are starting to sign up with eSports teams across the continent in hopes of having the next hit marketing opportunity. While we know Mountain Dew and various gaming accessory makers will sponsor events, it makes a lot of sense to also have telecom companies. Gamers need stable, reliable, fast internet connections at every event. Having servers go down kills the frenzy. One major thing I noticed at the Overwatch Winter Finals at PAX South this year is how quiet the audience was when the games had to pause for technical issues. It was eerie. And a quick way to lose your viewers. If I had been watching this on Twitch, I would have tuned out. Getting telecom companies involved in the process is a win-win for eSports.

Telecom companies in Europe are not just sponsoring the tournaments and teams, but also providing new television channels and shows for 24 hour coverage. That's already a step up from what we have here in the U.S. While the numbers for how much is being spent are still under wraps, there's a clear message that businesses are ready to play with eSports. It's only a matter of time until others join in.


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