Tuesday, June 20, 2017

It's True: Atari Is Making a New Console

Famed video game console maker Atari is planning to release a new system, the first in over 20 years. You read that right, and we are mostly certain this isn't a joke. Last week, a website for the AtariBox popped up with a teaser trailer. Since then, people have been speculating as to what it could be. Is it a re-release of a classic Atari console? Is it something new? Is it someone pranking us? Will it have that wood grain we all know and find stylishly unappealing?

Atari CEO Fred Chesnais spoke with VentureBeat to confirm that yes, the company is making a new system. But he didn't provide much details beyond it using PC components and that they were still working on the design.

Since Chesnais' purchase of the company in 2013, he has been steadily putting the Atari name back on the minds of consumers. More recently it has been focused on the mobile market, helping develop and produce phone games. You can see product placement for it in the upcoming 'Bladerunner' movie.Chesnais feels confident that a system from the developer would be coming in at the right time. If it's a retro-console similar to the mini-Nintendo, they would have an instant hit. Hopefully they'll have more then 2 consoles at a store and not BE like Nintendo. We will find out more in the coming months/years.


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