Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Twitch Now Sole Provider of Blizzard Competition Streams

While Twitch has been a partner with Blizzard for multiple eSports competitions over the years, particularly with Hearthstone (courtesy of Geico) and recently Overwatch, two two companies have made the relationship official. From here on out, all eSports streaming for Blizzard games will be handled by Twitch.

Through 2018, Twitch will be streaming over 20 events and competitions for all Blizzard IP's, including Starcraft II and Heroes of the Storm. Both games are widely popular in South Korea and bring in millions of revenue. Twitch will be streaming regional and global events, including the Starcraft World Champion Series. Blizzard will still have their own stream for gamers through their platform. But Twitch will be the sole third-party provider.

There are also additional perks! If you are a Twitch Prime/Amazon Prime member, exclusive in-game items will be made available over the next year and a half for Blizzard games. Overwatch players can expect a gold lootbox starting next Tuesday. All the more reason to sign up for Twitch Prime if you haven't yet. Or if you already have an Amazon Prime account, simply link the two and you are set. Blizzard has always played well with Twitch, and the additional perks are a nice bonus to those who already subscribe to Amazon. It's another, good outlet to keep fans engaged and bring in new faces.


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