Friday, June 16, 2017

Weekly Link Round Up

It's the Weekly Link Round Up! All the news, reviews, and weird stories about video games on the internet this week. Even though it's been flooded with E3 content, there were a few gems to pull from the rubble. Here's what we've found:

- Niel deGrasse Tyson is making a video game on 'Space Odyssey.' I really don't need to say anything else. It's deGrasse. Making a video game. Coolness level 100% achieved! Go check it out and fund it!

- may not always have the best stories, but this one is worth a few minutes of your time. Political writer Amanda Marcotte recently interviewed Patrick Markey, co-writer of the book "Moral Combat: Why the War on Violent Video Games Is Wrong." The book is a sensible review on age/generation gaps and the looming stigma of video games. They also dive into the Golidlocks effect; the idea that every generation thinks what they are doing is right and everyone else before or after has done, or will do it wrong. Video games are stuck in this field when it comes to discussing it with older generations. I did not expect this to come out of, but there you go!

- EnGadget tackles the topic of video game violence, and how it has changed over time. As games have evolved and become more immersive, so has the gore. And developers are taking greater care to ensure the content they produce isn't as evil as politicians make it out to be. Jessica Conditt speaks with a few developers and their responses are very interesting.

- DigitalTrends checked out some of the hit, well, trends from E3 this year. Some of them are obvious, such as the jump-slow motion aiming thing that Horizon has made popular. Others are silly. Like bears. Apparently there were bears all over the place at E3 this year. In games. As plastic props in booths. People in costumes on stage...dancing. E3 is a strange place.

- Speaking of Bears, the W Hotel brand has launched a mobile game called Belle to Bear. The game is similar to Frogger and is being used to market their newest hotel in Bellevue, Washington. Players must guide a bear through obstacles such as trees, rivers, and bees, to make it to the hotel. There is currently a competition underway. The 5 highest scores will receive prizes, including a complimentary 3-night stay at the hotel.

- Did you know there is a Tour de France video game? Yeah. I didn't either. Announced in a press release yesterday, the 2017 game is now available on PC, PS4, and XBox One. Like most sports games, you can create your own racer, customize, and create your own racing team to compete with others online. There's probably an in-game betting system as well, because sports game. I just didn't know this was a thing. Anything can be a game these days!


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