Thursday, June 22, 2017

Weekly Link Round Up

I'm calling it today. We're doing an early rendition of the Weekly Link Round Up, which will be mostly a Weekly Link List Round Up. There are so many top 5, top 10's, top 20's released on various gaming sites this week, that it would be a shame to let them all go to waste. We need to highlight the best, worst, and weirdest ranking lists today! Incoming lighthearted post to perk up your spirits:

- The Top 5 Best Selfies in Video Games. That one is not a joke, and yes it is a real article. Yesterday was National Selfie Day, which is also a real thing. GameRevolution celebrated by focusing on games where selfies make an appearance. On the list is D.Va's intro from Overwatch, and Grand Theft Auto V, which has a glorified "selfie" photo mode. But they focused on a very, um, Trevor image. It's creepy.

- IGN looks at the Top 10 Games that were Missing from E3. In all fairness, a lot of things were left out of E3, such as original/new games. But I'm surprised that a gaming magnet such as IGN was hoping for content from Shenmue 3 and Red Dead Redemption 2. Shenmue has opted to take the Kickstarter route and because of that, it has a much more modest budget to work with and not as big of a backing to produce. Getting that game to E3 would cost time and money the company doesn't have. Even with Sony showing "support" at E3 two years ago by inviting the creator onto the stage, that doesn't mean they are giving them money left and right to develop it. With Rockstar Games, have they ever really played ball at E3? No. They haven't. They do their own thing and that's why we love them. I understand that IGN is trying to drum up readers, but this list is off the mark, even for them.

- WhatCulture is gracing us with their presence with a list of the Top 10 Hotly-Anticipated Games Still to Come in 2017. No surprise here, all but 1 game is a sequel, prequel, or spin-off. That being Cuphead, a whimsical action platformer that looks like an animation straight from the 1940's. But at this point, 2017 can officially be called the year of game sequels. On the list there's Super Mario Odyssey, Wolfenstein II, and Ass Creed Origins. It's nothing really spectacular - I was hoping WhatCulture would throw in some twists to this list!

- Games has an...interesting article that only applies to game studios in the UK. Six Ways to Make the Most of the Video Game Tax Relief. In 2014, a coalition was launched to help provide tax relief and subsidies to gaming studios throughout the country to help boost business and create more jobs. So far it's working. As more developers settle in the UK, knowing about the tax relief can help improve their work environment and make use of the start-up help that so many need.

- Twinfinite will hit your nostalgic button today with a list of the Top 100 PS2 Games! The downside is that this list has no ranking, but maybe that's for the best. 100 games is A LOT, especially for the PS2. Narrowing down the list to only 100 is a feat on it's own. And it opens up the debate for people to talk about which ones are the best of the bunch! The list includes Dark Cloud 2 (one of my favorites and I'm glad that others see it too), Amplitude, Bully, Disgaea, and Psychonauts. What do you think are the best games for the PS2?

- Kotaku spent some of their time at E3 this year, asking attendees which video game character they felt would make a great roommate. An important question! With answers ranging from Mega Man to Nathan Drake, there are an endless array of options on who would be the perfect roomie.

- Sega has announced Sega Forever, a collection of classic Sega games that you can play on mobile. The best part, it's all free! Starting Friday, you can download their app and play a selection of Sega titles on the go. Every two weeks, the company plans to add more games, and it sounds like it'll be a rotating selection with some titles dropping to add in new ones. My thumbs are ready to test Sonic's speed limits!


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